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Communicating effectively with your team members is critical in ensuring that your company achieves its objectives. However, employees are often times geographically dispersed and biographically diverse and companies are increasingly having to compete with a variety of media all vying for their attention.

Audio-visual communication can overcome many of these obstacles. As a vibrant and dynamic communication medium, it captures the attention and presents information in a visual and memorable fashion.

Channel Mteto Video Productions can help you cut through the clutter created by information overload and help you illustrate your message. We can present your next:

  • Communication Campaign
  • New Initiative Launch
  • Management Messages
  • Safety Messages
  • Internal News & Events

We often use local employees as 'actors' and prefer shooting on location at your site - bringing recognition and familiarity to often new or uncertain topics.

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We use only the latest HD equipment and editorial software to produce high-quality Marketing, Company Profile or Project Showcase DVDs you can be proud to share with clients.

Corporate DVDs

We can produce new and ex-leave employee inductions, accident simulations, safety regulation overviews or hazard identification and treatment training DVDs.

Safety & Training DVDs

In addition to our videographic services, we provide professional photographic services for both surface and underground environments.